YakSam HaNe A.Ş.

YakSam HaNe A.Ş.

All of our products are produced under sensitive conditions within our recycling facilities in Samsun/Tekkeköy, and after being tested by our expert engineers in our advanced laboratories, they are packaged in the most appropriate way and presented to your service.

  • YakSam products are 100% Environmentally Friendly.
  • YakSam products are 300% more efficient than normal wood.
  • While YakSam products are produced, no saplings or trees are cut down, only beech powder, oak tree powder, and hazelnut shell powders are recycled.
  • YakSam products do not contain any chemical and/or organic binders.
  • YakSam products produce completely green energy compared to fossil fuels.
  • YakSam products are economical.

Why Choose Us?

Our recycling factory, established on an area of 6000 m2, of which 3500 m2 is closed, in the district of Samsun / Tekkeköy, is one of the most prominent biomass production facilities in Turkey.
Fuel briquette / pressed wood does not contain chemicals harmful to human health. For this reason, it does not cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which is an important social problem in our country and is known as coal-burning stove poisoning among the people. It does not contain dust caused by fossil fuels such as coal during transportation and use.
YakSam products are produced from 100% natural raw materials without using any binders. Therefore, it does not contain any substances harmful to health.
The caloric value of press wood is 5000-5500 kcal, and the calorific value of coal is 7000-7500 kcal.
Thanks to its low volatile feature, it has the longest burning time and it leaves ash equal to 5-10% of its original weight.
Its carbon ratio is much higher than its counterparts. It burns efficiently and economically.
It does not contain any chemicals, it burns by emitting high heat until the last moment.
Does not creat odour, smoke and soot while burning
It certainly does not generate sparks during combustion.

100% Natural

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